*Click on title above to read in full* … Thank you to all patients who have provided feedback regarding the Klinik triage system.  Due to the information received we have decided to move on from Klinik and adapt a new telephone based triage system with appointments bookable on the day. This will take effect from Wednesday 22nd November 2023.

Our Allied Health Professionals

Medicine Team

  • Paul Davies (Practice Pharmacist / Partner)

Our medicines team consists of senior clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and highly skilled medicines clerks. The team is the first port of call for any medicine related queries such as side effects, changing doses, prescription queries and more.

Mental Health Team

  • Emma Davies (Mental Health Practitioner)

You are able to book a telephone or a face to face appointment to discuss concerns about your mental wellbeing. She can help you to consider suitable treatment options, including making lifestyle changes, psychological therapies, as well as reviewing any medication needs.

Sometimes she might ask you to bring back more information to help understand what support you currently need, and potentially to refer you to a specialist service for advice or support.

Here are some of the reasons why people want to book an appointment to see Emma:

  • Experiencing symptoms of low mood and anxiety.
  • Wondering if you are experiencing symptoms of a mood disorder.
  • Hearing voices.
  • Queries about ADHD and Autism diagnosis.
  • Wanting to review existing treatment like medication.
  • Highlight a change in symptoms while waiting for treatment to start with another mental health service.

Please note if you do not attend your appointment or take a planned phone call this will delay treatment/support.